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We are local residents, concerned about unsightly litter on our roadways.  Sharing this same feeling with many Marin residents, we decided to take action in an effort to rid our County of this blight.  

We are diligently working with government officials in Marin County to resolve this problem. Marin Clean Highways is proud to be an affiliate of MarinLink, a non-profit incubator for http://binomo-co.in/code community based projects. 

We invite you to join us in this community effort.

Recognizing our dedication to the community, the media listed below have published articles about our work.  Please click on the links to read the full article.   

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​We are proud to be an affiliate of MarinLink.

Please make your check payable to Marin Clean Highways and send to Marin Link for processing.


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100% of the proceeds of your tax deductible donations pay for clean up of our roads

We need your donations to continue this program


We are delighted to announce that we are embarking on a new endeavor that goes hand in hand with our covered load project


Thanks to a generous donation earmarked for highway beautification, we are in the beginning stages of creating a plan to improve the look of our highway.  Because of the strict guidelines of Caltrans, the plan is to start with the frontage road side of the fence line.  The 101 is the "gateway" to all our communities.  It is the first impression of visitors, relocating residents and visitors.  And it is our "Main Street".  There is a lot of room for improvement utilizing hardscape and landscape with water wise plants.  

If you have any talents in the area of landscape design or would like to contribute in any way, please do not hesitate.  We will need to generate additional funding for this project.  

Recent News


Marin Clean Highways is now part of a larger coalition of like minded organizations.  For more information: www.cleanmarin.org



On March 16, Marin Clean Highways coordinated a Tarp Your Load initiative.  Joining us in this endeavor were CHP, Supervisor Kate Sears, Supervisor Damon Connolly, Supervisor Steve Kinsey, their aides Maureen Parton, Susannah Clark and David Escobar, Terri Fashing of Marin County MCSTOPPP, Marin Sanitary Service, Clean Mill Valley, San Rafael Clean, and San Rafael PD.  

Most of the debris we see on our highway comes from uncovered trucks, often on their way to Marin Resource and Recovery Center and often without even knowing they have lost objects along the way.  We decided that Marin Sanitary would be the perfect location to educate the public on the importance of covered and secured loads.  

It was a huge success!  In six hbinomo-co.in/codeours, we handed out approximately 160 tarps to individuals who didn't know about the CA state law or didn't have a tarp.  We also gave drivers educational information illustrating the proper way to tarp their truck and why it is important.  

Stay tuned for information on our official rollout mid June!